Flower Fairy Notepad

Flower Fairy Notepad

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This sweet flower fairy note-book can be tailored to suit a variety of purposes such as a secret journal, a fancy cover for school books or even a gift for someone special. Adults and teenagers will be sure to love their timeless magic just as much as children.


Like most craft activities for young children, a flower fairy notebook is very easy to make and extremely versatile. There's no right or wrong way to create them, and therefore each fairy is unique. To further personalise your fairy notepad, choose floral background paper in your favourite colour and continue the colour scheme in your fairy's clothing and decorations.

This basic flower fairy design can also be transferred to other craft projects such as trinket boxes, cards, posters, collages and decorated art files. Let your imagination fly with this delightfully simple craft project.

If you're working with very young children, avoid using small pieces like wobbly eyes and adhesive gems, as these can pose a choking risk.

Time: One hour

Age: 5-10's, Over 10's

Level: Medium (some adult help might be needed to wrap the books in floral paper)



  • Blank exercise book

  • Floral gift-wrapping paper

  • Paper doll. This could be an individual one, or even two, from a paper doll chain or one you've drawn yourself (templates can easily be found on-line)

  • 2 or 3 different kinds of pretty gold or silver paper

  • Small pieces of other fancy paper for your fairy's dress or for decorative stars and other embellishments.

  • Craft glue

  • Gold or silver glitter glue

  • Child-friendly scissors

  • Adhesive rhinestones or glittery craft gems

  • Optional: Extra scrapbooking embellishments such as paper butterflies, flowers, etc. Cut-outs from recycled gift-wrapping paper can be a cheaper alternative.

  • Optional: wobbly craft eyes for your fairy.

  • Method
  • Wrap the exercise book with the floral gift paper.

  • [Image3]

  • Cut out you fairy's wings from one of the pieces of gold paper. An oval shape is quite good or you can cut something similar to what is shown in the photo.

  • [Image4]

  • Glue the fairy and her wings onto the flower-covered exercise book.

  • [Image5]

  • Using some of the pretty paper (or decorating your own), cut out a dress for your flower fairy.

  • Draw on a face using felt-tipped markers. Adhesive wobbly-eyes are a cute alternative to ones that are drawn.

  • [Image6]

  • Give your fairy some hair, using some of paper you've put aside..

  • Using pretty paper, ribbons, scrapbooking embellishments (such as adhesive rhinestones) and any extra butterfly or flower cut-outs you have, you can add more decorations to your fairy.

  • [Image7]

  • Add a final magical touch with glitter glue. I used this to give my fairy a magic wand, glittery shoes and a bit of extra sparkle for her wings and dress. I also used it to highlight the flowers and butterflies in the background. Your fairy is now complete.

  • [Image8]


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