Lion Print Wrapping Paper and Gift Tag

Lion Print Wrapping Paper and Gift Tag

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A fairy garden is a cheap and fun activity to do with the kids

Most children love the idea that fairies live in the garden, so why not help them make their very own fairy garden?

This is also a great activity to introduce the idea of upcycling to children. Encourage them to reuse as many items as possible that you may have around your home and garden.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy-Medium

  • Old picnic basket
  • Black garden plastic
  • Gravel
  • Potting mix
  • Flower seedlings
  • Fairy stones, mosaic tiles, rocks, shells
  • Doll furniture (optional)

  • Adding the rocks and other details is the fun part!

  • First you will need to find a suitable container for the fairy garden. We used an old picnic basket. Other items you could use are: an old car tyre, plant pot, basin or you can make yours directly in a garden bed if you have the room.

  • If using a basket you will need to line it with garden plastic to avoid the soil from spilling out of the gaps.

  • Then you can fill your container with a layer of gravel to provide drainage, then add the potting mix.

  • We used flower seedlings in this fairy garden as they are small and cheap, but you could also sow a packet of seeds. My son chose alyssum and snapdragons for his garden.

  • You could even add a pool for the fairies to swim in!

  • Plant the flowers according to how high they will grow. We placed the snapdragons around the edges as they would grow the tallest, with the smaller seedlings in the middle.

  • Now you can decorate the fairy garden however you choose. Small mosaic tiles, stones, shells and even broken crockery all look great.

  • If you have doll house furniture you can also add it. Or maybe even some fairy dust (glitter) to encourage the fairies into your new garden.

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