Musical Rainstick

Musical Rainstick

Posted 2013-06-21 by Janinefollow
These rainsticks are not only a great craft but are also a musical instrument with a very nice sound!

Requiring a bit more preparation time and adult supervision, the end result is an instrument that can be used again and again!

Time: 30 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium


  • Cardboard tube - paper towel roll will work but the stronger the better.
  • Brown craft paper
  • Medium weight cardboard- we used a cracker box.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Rice or dried beans or lentils
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clear packing tape
  • Double sided tape - optional but I found it very useful.
  • Crayons, paints, felts or anything else that can be used to decorate. We used animal stamps.

  • Method
  • Measure the cardboard tube circumference and length and cut a piece of brown craft paper to decorate. We found this much easier than trying to decorate the tube, especially for younger children.
  • Trace around the bottom of the tube on your cardboard. Cut out two circles for each rainstick. Place one circle at the end of the tube and tape in place.

  • Cut 2 larger circles from the craft paper and feather into the center at approximately the diameter of the tube.

  • Wrap this circle around the end of the tube and tape.

  • Decorate the craft paper that you measured to go around the tube. Or if you prefer, simply decorate the tube.

  • Measure a piece of aluminul foil about 15 cm across and twice the length of the cardboard tube. We used only one and half times the length of the tube and found it was not quite long enough. Crumple the foil into a loose snake.

  • Wrap the foil into a spiral shape. This will be used to slow the rice as it "rains" through your tube.

  • Place the foil spiral into your tube. Use a funnel to pour about 1/4 cup of rice into your tube. I tested the sound by covering the open end with my hand and adding rice to achieve the sound I wanted.
  • Cover the open end with the remaining cardboard and feathered craft paper piece. Make sure both ends are securely fastened.
  • Use the double sided tape or glue to adhere decorated craft paper to the tube.
  • Add any additional embellishments - we added some feathers and beads.
  • Your rainstick is now ready to use! Enjoy!

  • Additional Activities: Older children could research the origin and history of rainsticks and instead of aluminum foil, poke toothpicks through the cardboard roll to more closely imitate a traditional rainstick.


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