Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern

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Different shades of cellophane paper make this decoration bright and colourful.

Creating this paper lantern is a fun activity for children of all ages. Older children will easily be able to handle most of the work themselves, while smaller children will require some assistance. The end result is a colourful decoration that children can display with pride.

Time: 15 minutes
Age : Any Age
Level: Easy

  • 1 sheet of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Coloured cellophane paper
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • Pipe Cleaner

  • Method
  • Fold one sheet of construction paper in half, and then repeat so that the result is a long, slender rectangle.

  • You can use any size or colour of paper for this decoration.

  • On the folded edge, use the scissors to cut interesting shapes of differing size.

  • The shapes can be cut anyway that your child wants.

  • Unfold the paper one time so that the paper is still folded in half, and again cut interesting shapes on the folded edge.

  • On this second row of cuts, you can either repeat the shapes done on the first row, or do something entirely different.

  • Unfold the paper and lay it flat on a hard surface.

  • Your child will be impressed at how the shapes they cut become something different after the paper is unfolded.

  • Carefully cut three strips of colourful cellophane paper so that when placed next to each other, they are the same size as the construction paper.

  • This decoration is brighter and more fun if you use different colours of cellophane.

  • Tape the cellophane onto the construction paper so that the entire sheet is covered.

  • Ensure the cellophane is as smooth as possible.

  • Once the cellophane is firmly attached, roll the paper into a tube shape so that the two edges just slightly overlap. Use a stapler along the edge to ensure the shape stays fixed. The cellophane should be on the inside of the tube.
  • On the top, create a handle by stapling a pipe cleaner on opposite sides of the lantern.

  • Again, choose a bright coloured pipe cleaner so that your lantern stands out.


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