Paper Plate Angel

Paper Plate Angel

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My son had a great time going to the local plant nursery today to choose a real Christmas tree. Once home and in the pot, the next challenge was to decorate it. There are some great Christmas decoration ideas on MyKidCraft and inspired by the decorative angel that Sarah Bell created, we decided to make a paper plate angel to sit on the top of our tree.

Our tree may no longer have the co-ordinated designer look pre children but it certainly has personality.

With a little help to construct the angel, my son was able to do all the decoration and is very proud of his paper plate angel.

If you are making these with a large group of children, you could make the angel parts in advance and then lay out the glue and decorations for the kids to get stuck into. This would mean no hanging around waiting for an adult to help.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's
Level: Medium

  • 1 paper plate
  • Small circle of card
  • Scraps of wool
  • Sticky tape
  • Marker pens
  • Glue
  • Cotton wool
  • Glitter
  • Sequins and stars
  • Pipe cleaner

  • Method

    For younger children, you will need to do the cutting and construction but they will have lots of fun decorating.

  • Cut the paper plate in half.
  • Take one half of the plate and fold around to make a cone shape. This will be the body of the angel. We used sticky tape to close the cone but you could also staple shut.

  • Cut in half

    Fold one half into a cone and tape closed

    Use the other half to create two wings

  • Take the remaining half plate and cut in half again. These will be the wings of the angel. I also cut a curve off one end of each wing.
  • Paste glue over the body of the angel and then decorate. We used sequins and stars.

  • We used stars, sequins and cotton wool but you could easily paint or draw decorations with crayons

  • Paste glue along the bottom of the angel body (the wide end of the cone) and stick on cotton wool.
  • Decorate the wings in a similar way. We stuck cotton wool around the outer edges of the wings and then a good shaking of glitter.

  • Glitter was a must for our angel

  • Cut a small circle from a piece of card to be the angel's face. I drew on eyes, nose and mouth and then my son glued on some scraps of yellow wool for her hair.

  • Tape the wings to the back of the cone and face to the front.
  • Create a circle from a pipe cleaner, leaving a length and then tape to the back of the angel's head for a halo.

  • Outside of the festive Christmas season you could adapt this and make a fairy instead.


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