Papier Mache Masks

Papier Mache Masks

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Kids love parties, of all kinds and sorts. They like to have fun, eat cake, and dress up. As a devoted parent you shouldn’t organize parties for your toddlers only on their birthdays. Do it monthly to reward their good behavior, or just get the family together and have a good time. This season, masquerade parties are in vogue. To instill a passion for arts and crafts in your kids, go for the kind of party where they can make their own masks. Use papier mache for the material and paint to draw characters, favorite animals, and other figures your kids might find interesting for their disguise. Check out these cool ideas for inspiration.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Masks

These two are famous Disney characters. Your kids probably love them already. For the masks to look great you should first download the templates. Check the web for a pattern and print it out on a cardboard. Now make the papier mache from: pieces of paper (e.g. magazines, newspaper), starch, flour, and water. Glue the Mickey/Minnie print to the paper mache. Use additional materials to make the Mickey and Minnie ears. For some extra originality, allow your kids to do the drawing and they’ll definitely love the end result.

Lion Mask

Incredibly cute and fun to wear, your kid will love a DIY lion mask made of papier mache. This material can be incredibly malleable and versatile. Before getting started you need a template, or at least an image to get inspired from. For the lion’s head, papier mache is excellent because it is hard a durable. As for the lion’s hair, feel free to use crepe paper, and make sure it comes in a deep orange color. Don’t forget to make holes in the eye area, and use paint to draw the lion’s moustache, ears, and nose.

Papier Mache Rabbit Mask

Making a rabbit mask from papier mache is a lot easier than meets the eye. For this project you need: a regular balloon (when blowing the balloon make sure it’s slightly bigger than your kid’s head), flour, water, bits of newspaper (or ordinary paper), paint, and lots of imagination. Here are instructions for building the mask:
• Mix the water and the flour until you get a light paste
• Start dipping bits of paper into the mix, and then glue them to the balloon in a half-moon shape.
• Leave the whole project to harden for a few hours; then grab a needle and prick the balloon. This method is extremely easy to use when you want a perfect shape
• Now use some additional material to make the rabbit ears – here you can use pieces of cloth if you’d like (don’t forget to soak them in the flour and water mix first
• Use a thick brush to paint the mask and make it look like a bunny

Venetian Inspired Masks

There are all kinds of Venetian masks you can choose for your kids. From simple half-face masks with beads to full-faced disguises with colorful feathers, they’ll certainly find something to fit their tastes. As a devoted parent with a weakness for arts & crafts, making a Venetian mask from papier-mache is an excellent opportunity for your little one to participate and have the best time. For this project you need the papier mache materials, a Venetian mask pattern (which you can easily get from the web), lots of colorful feathers, and glue.

To make your kid feel part of the process you could allow him/her to paint the mask. Give instructions and work on the making of the mask together. This will give you the opportunity to get closer to your children, and maybe spot whether there’s a real interest in arts & crafts. Let them make decisions and the end result will look amazing.

Papier mache masks are so fun and simple to make. Kids won’t just love the mask but also the process that comes with the making of it. Consider tying the mask with ribbons to permits the wearer to run freely, have fun, and enjoy the party without risking the damage of his favorite mask. Last but not least, consider making one for yourself too and enjoy the fun together.


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