Picture Frame Halloween Treat Bags

Picture Frame Halloween Treat Bags

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Make trick or treating a little more special with these Halloween treat bags that kids can customize themselves! A simple sewing craft, they can be used year after year.

Time: 45 minutes
Age: over 10's
Level: Hard

  • Cereal box to use as pattern
  • Felt (1 felt sheet of orange, enough for a cereal box of black)
  • Piece of plastic
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

  • Method
  • Cut apart the cereal box - sides out and top off. Use this for your pattern.

  • Lay out the cereal box pattern pieces on your black felt and cut an extra 1 to 1.5 cm for seam allowance. Cut two extra pieces about 7 cm wide X 30 cm long to use as handles.

  • To make it easier to find the bottom of the bag, cut darts at the cereal box folds. These can easily be trimmed off later.

  • You should have one long rectangle for the bag, 2 side pieces and 2 long pieces for the handle.

  • Cut a rectangle of the orange felt for the frame. Cut a plastic piece the same size for the frame cover. An interior rectangle will need to be cut out.

  • If you have recently purchased new sheets or blankets, the bags these come in works great for the plastic.

  • Sew up the sides of the long felt pieces for the handles. Attach these to the bag first.

  • Sew the top of the orange piece with zig zag stich. Use a straight stich to attach the orange frame to your plastic piece and sew all the way around the rectangle opening.

  • Finish the zig zag stich around the frame on the bag. The top part should be open to insert a picture.
  • Attach the sides using a straight stitch. Start by attaching both side pieces to the bottom and then sew up all four sides.

  • Sewing with rough edges out is easy with the felt.

  • Add halloween decorations or ribbon to your bag.

  • Insert ribbon by cutting a hole in the felt at about 7 cm intervals around the bag and threading the ribbon through.

  • Insert your own customized Halloween picture. We used Fingerprint Spider Web pictures.

  • Ready for trick or treating!

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