Pirate Treasure Chest

Pirate Treasure Chest

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Ahoy there! Here's how to make a pirates' treasure chest out of corrugated cardboard. Fill it with chocolate coins and other treasure and have fun setting your own treasure hunt. It would also make a fantastic decoration for a pirate-themed party.

Time: 1 hour
Age: Over 10s
Level: Hard

  • Two small corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Brown paint
  • Paper to line box (optional)
  • Brass buckle and superglue (optional)
  • Gold paint
  • Sticky tape
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors

  • Method
  • Our boxes had shiny outsides which were going to be difficult to paint so we reversed one box by peeling open the glued seams to give the flat box net, then folding back up with the inside out, and glueing and taping the seams closed again. Trim side flaps off but leave a small flap at the rear edge to be able to stick your lid onto.

  • We used two baby wipes boxes

    Box net opened out

    Box reversed and reglued to give a nice outer surface to paint. Leave a small flap at the back edge to glue your lid on to. We later trimmed the flap you can see in the photo to about a centimetre depth

  • The barrel lid has 3 components: A rectangle and two part circles. Open up the second box to cut out these components.
  • Use a plate to draw the curved edge for the part circles. Draw another band following the same curve about a centimetre above the first curve. Cut out and then cut fringe slits running from the top curve to the inner curve. Bend these back to be able to stick onto the top part of the lid.

  • Two curved part circle components with fringed edges to stick to the top part of the lid

  • Cut out a rectangle. The length of the rectangle should be the same as the width of the treasure box. The width of the rectangle should be the same length as the inner curve on the part circle components. Ensure that the corrugation lines of the cardboard run along the length of the rectangle so that you can bend it into the barrel shape.

  • Rectangle cut out and bent into a curved arch

  • Bend the rectangle along the corrugation lines to make an arch shape. Glue and then tape the two part circle components onto the sides of the arch (by gluing the cut fringes) to make a barrel lid.

  • Part circle components glued onto the arched rectangle to make the lid

  • Paint the lid and the box with brown paint.

  • Glue and tape the lid to the rear flap of the box.

  • Lid glued and taped ono the flap of the box

    Ready to decorate

  • Line the box with some brown paper if you wish to cover up any pattern which can't be easily painted.

  • We stuck some paper to the inside to cover up the baby wipes pattern

  • We superglued on a brass buckle to the front of the box. You could also paint one on with gold paint or make one from shiny foil.

  • We found a old buckle in the garage to stick on

  • Paint two gold bands down the barrel lid and front and back of the chest.

  • The pirate treasure chest is now ready to fill with treasures. We packed the bottom of the chest with some plastic bags and fabric so that we only needed a small layer of treasure and the box looked nice and full.


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