Pop Up Birthday Cake Card

Pop Up Birthday Cake Card

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Pop up cards are easy to make and are sure to surprise a special friend on ther birthday.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Medium

  • Yellow paper for cake
  • Piece of ribbon for cake
  • Piece of white paper for cake icing
  • Piece of thin card for reverse of cake
  • Sparky pipe cleaners for candles
  • Scrap of gold or yellow card for flames
  • 2 blank cards
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Glitter

  • Method
  • Cut a square of card to make the cake. Make sure the cake is not too big otherwise it will poke out of the edges when you close the card. Our cake including candles measured 8cm wide x 10cm high.
  • Glue on a piece of ribbon and a wiggly topping from white paper.

  • Ready to trim

  • Cover the white icing with a glue stick and add glitter.
  • Make candles by attaching a gold or yellow flame shape to a sparkly pipe cleaner with sticky tape. (We wrapped a small piece of sticky tape all the way around the flame and the pipe cleaner then trimmed off any excess tape).

  • Birthday candle

  • Tape the candles to the back of the cake.

  • Glue a square of card to the back of the cake with PVA glue to neaten up the back.

  • Reverse of cake

  • Make 2 parallel cuts in the fold of one blank card and fold back to make a crease. Our cuts were just under 2cm long.

  • Pop out the fold to make a little box shape when you open the card.

  • Glue the cake onto the pop out box.

  • Glue the outside of the entire card into a second blank card to hide the pop up mechanism.

  • Glue into a second card to hide the mechanism

  • Your card should now close and pop up when opened.
  • Write a message on the inside of your card and decorate the outside of the card any way you like.

  • Your pop up birthday cake card is now ready to send.


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