Princess Ribbon Wand

Princess Ribbon Wand

Posted 2014-05-09 by Janinefollow
Ribbon wands are easy to make, fun to use and can be made from all sorts of shiny, sparkly materials for your little princess. Our ribbon wands will require a little adult assistance but once made, will be around for many princess dances and adventures!

Time: 15 minutes
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Medium

  • Dowel (we used 1 foot of 3/4 inch dowel)
  • Eyelet screw
  • 4 different kinds of ribbon (at least 1 metre each)
  • Sandpaper
  • Fray Stop or clear nail polish
  • Hot glue
  • Mitre saw or hand saw
  • Electric drill or thumb tack

  • Method
  • Cut the dowel to 1 foot length. A hand saw will work just fine but if you have to do lots of these, a mitre saw is quick and precise.
  • Drill a small hole in one end as a guide for the eyelet screw. You can also use a small thumb tack to make the guide hole.
  • Sand the dowel to get off any rough bits.

  • Screw in the eyelet screw.

  • Cut ribbon at 1 metre lengths, group together and thread through the eyelet screw. Pull the ribbon half way through.
  • Trim the ends if required and seal with Fray Stop or clear nail polish.

  • Depending on how wide your ribbon is, you may be able to make a knot to hold the ribbon in place. Our ribbons were quite wide and the knot looked bulky so I decided to just make a quick seam across with the sewing machine to hold the ribbons in place.

  • To make the flower, cut 4 pieces of ribbon equal length, layer on top of each other with hot glue. Again, use Fray Stop or nail polish to seal the ends.

  • Loop another ribbon into a flower motif and glue. Finish with a pompom or jewel.

  • Attach the flower to the dowel and your ribbon wand is complete!

  • There are no end of of possibilities for decorating wands. We left the dowel plain but you could wrap it in ribbon or paint it to add some more flare. Decorate the end with felt, thule, bells or anything else that captures your little princess's eye!

    If you can find discount ribbon, these make great party favours for a princess themed birthday party.


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