Cauldron Bubbles

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Give your little witch or wizard the ingredients to create their own magic brew through this easy Cauldron Bubbles activity.

Time: 5 minutes to prepare
Age: Any ages
Level: Easy

Cauldron - e.g. bucket, bowl
Liquid chalk paint
Dish washing detergent
Bits and pieces from the garden - look for stumps of bark and long pieces of grass to play roles in the cooking process.

Set up all ingredients beside the Cauldron
Invite your witch or wizard to come and make a magic potion. Explore the ingredients and help your child invent names for each of them eg. grass could be slimey snake skins.

Encourage your child to add and mix ingredients. Discuss changes to the brew as they go.

Teach your child a magic chant e.g.
"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble"

Teach your child how to do a witches cackle.

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