Toy Wardrobe

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If your kids have lots of dolls like Barbie, then no doubt they also have a ton of clothing accessories to go with them. Or maybe your kids like dressing up their other toys in homemade clothes like I used to do. Either way, just like when we change our clothes, we need to have somewhere to put the ones we're not wearing. Here's a way to make your own toy wardrobe.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: 5 to 10s
Level: Easy


Small cardboard box with flaps

Kebab skewer
Pair of scissors

Hooks, clips, or clothes pegs
Thick brown felt tip pen
Toy clothes



Take your kebab skewer and use the pointy end to create two small holes on either side of the top of your box. Stick the skewer through the holes so that it acts as a railing.

For the coat hangers hook hooks, clips, or clothes pegs on the skewer.

Use the scissors to cut the ends of the skewer off (leave enough of an end, so that it can still poke through the holes).

Take your felt tip pen and colour in the box.

Poke a small hole on the left hand side of your 'door' and push the button through to create a door knob.

Attach your clothes to the hooks.

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