Make-Up Fun

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Using up mums old make-up is a messy way to practice fine motor skills, co-ordination and explore sensory experiences.

Time: 30 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

Mums old make up
Mums old face lotions
Brushes, cotton tips to apply make up with
Cotton pads for wiping face lotions
Face cleansing wipes

Set up your make up station with a towel underneath for spills and finger tip wiping.

Invite children to explore the make-up and lotions freely. Resist instructing on make-up application if possible, allow them to get messy and experiment.

Children will use many fine motor skills in this activity such as uncapping eye shadow, unscrewing lip gloss, winding lipstick.

Children will use co-ordination skills as they use the mirror to guide their hands. If you wish to heighten the challenge, move the mirror as they apply make-up. Which is more helpful, when the mirror is far, or when it is near?

Discuss their sensory experiences as they play. What colours, smells and textures do each of the products have?

Once they are finished Make-Up Fun, wipe them over with face cleansing wipes or a warm wet face washer.

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