Blue Rabbit Ears Hat

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Your kids can wear these easy bunny ears at Easter or all year round but they're definitely the perfect accessory for that morning egg hunt.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's
Level: Easy

Three sheets of plain paper
One sheet of coloured paper
Two paddle pop sticks
Sticky tape

bunny ears kids craft materials, rabbit ears craft materials

Fold two of the white pieces of paper in half, then in half again (thirds work too). Join them together at the ends. Alternatively, if you have cardboard, cut out a long strip.

Cut out two bunny ear shapes from the coloured piece of paper.

Cut out two smaller ear shapes from the white paper.

Stick the white ear pieces onto the coloured ear pieces.

Tape the paddle pop sticks to the back of the ears.

Attach the ears to the paper band.

Tape the band closed.

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