Stained Glass Easter Eggs

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This is a fun activity for children and adults that will create a colourful display for Easter.

A beautiful display of colours

Time: There is no real time limit, as with most things, preparation is at your own pace. Children can participate in the cutting and drawing up of materials.
Age: Over 5's
Level: Medium

Coloured cardboard
Cellophane paper (different colours, cut in to strips or squares)
Black marker
1 large & 1 smaller sized egg shape template

Materials needed

Using the templates, draw both the large and the smaller egg shapes on to the cardboard. You will need 2 eggs of each colour.

Use templates to draw egg shapes

Cut out both large and smaller sized egg templates.

Cutting both egg shapes

Once everything is cut, you are ready to start.

Ready to start glueing

Glue around the outside of the egg.

Place glue along the edges

Start placing cellophane strips around the egg shape, working from outside in.

Work inwards towards the centre

Once finished, glue the other half of the same coloured egg, making a frame.

Glueing the other half of the egg

Leave to dry.

Time to dry

Place somewhere for everyone to see.

Perfect for displaying

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