Easter Weaving

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This activity is not only fun for Easter, it is great for fine motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination and concentration.

Great for fun and learning

Time: Preparation can take over and hour.
Age: 5 & up
Level: Medium - Hard

Coloured cardboard or coloured paper. You will need cardboard/paper for the template and also to cut up in strips for weaving.
Sticky tape
Easter themed templates

Just a few materials required

Using a marker, draw and cut out Easter shapes.

Draw templates

Use ruler to draw one main line across the shape and several lines going down the shape.

Mark your lines out

Draw lines on each Easter shape.

Lining up all templates

Starting from the bottom cut upwards toward the line.

Cutting from bottom upwards

Cut all drawn lines.

Preparation can take a while

Using sticky tape, stick the end of the coloured strip on top of the first section.

Stick down end of strip

Begin to weave the coloured strip over one section then under the next. Repeat the same pattern, over and under until you reach the end. Do not worry about the other end that is sticking over the edge, you can trim that once you have finished weaving.


When starting the second row, place the end of the coloured strip under the first section. Continue with the under and over pattern.

Continue over and under process

Once you have finished all the strips trim off the edges and sticky tape the ends down.

Trimming off the edges

Display your child's creative work.

Finished and looking great

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