Layered Beach Treasure Jars

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layered beach treasure jar

This is a fun activity to do on the beach which doesn't cost anything. Children will enjoy collecting and sorting beach treasures and arranging them into layers in their jar. Spend some time exploring colours, shapes and textures of the natural materials.

layered beach treasure jar
Fun even for the tiniest kids

Time: 30 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Empty glass jar (we recycled an old coffee jar)

Spend time exploring the beach and gathering natural materials such as shells, seed pods, stones, seaweed etc in a bucket.
Sort the materials, looking at the shapes, colours, textures
Arrange your materials in layers in a glass jar

layered beach treasure jar
Adding layers

When full, fit the lid back on to the jar

layered beach treasure jar

You could also try this on a forest walk, gathering leaves, twigs, cones, nuts etc.

nature jar garden
Layered Treasure Jar using materials collected from the garden

What did you put in your jar? Please share a picture of your Layered Treasure Jar by uploading a photo via the comments section.

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