Rapunzel in the Tower

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The fairy tale of Rapunzel has been my favourite since childhood. I always urged my mum to let me grow my hair like her. And then she would say 'If you want hair as long as her then you will have to live in a tall tower like her'.

Rapunzel in tower

So here it is, Rapunzel with her famous tresses and tower. This activity is for older kids as it involves some drawing. Also help from an elder is required for the cutting part.

Time: 30-40 minutes
Age: Over 10's, Parent Craft
Level: Medium to Hard

Empty canister of Pringles chips
Card paper (brown, red or orange and black)
Black, red marker pens
Sharp blade
Glue, scissors
Hair from a corn maize or golden/yellow woollen threads

I am using an empty Pringles canister. Discard the lid. You will find the nutrition information printed on it. Use the exact square to carve out the window.

Look for the square with nutrition information

Use the sharp blade to cut out the square. I would recommend that this part be done by an elder.

Now use the brown, red or orange paper to cover the canister. Either use one or more coloured papers to give shading effect. Glue well and allow it to dry.

Use coloured paper of your choice

With a black marker draw bricks throughout the tower.

Draw the bricks

Stick a cut out of black on the inside of the canister exactly opposite the window. This will make the Rapunzel cut out more prominent.

Take a piece of black paper and roll it in to a cone. Fit into the open end on the top of the tower.

Now its time to draw our princess. Take a piece of small white paper.

Mark the dimensions of the window that you have cut in the tower so that you can adjust the body frame.

Use this guide to draw Rapunzel.
You don't have to be an artist. The figure is so small that small details won't even be seen clearly. However, make sure you highlight the hair.

My Rapunzel

Roughly cut the body frame. Carefully stick Rapunzel on the inside of the window.

Stick inside the window

Now, it's the fun part, creating her long golden tresses. I have used the golden hair present in the ear of a corn maize. You may use golden or yellow coloured woolly threads instead.
Stick it in a wavy manner to give a natural look.

Lovely golden tresses

Decorate the tower and window. Draw some creepers and flowers.
Cut out small birds in yellow paper and stick on the tower.

Decorate the tower

Your Rapunzel in the tower is ready. Be ready with your answers when your little princess starts urging for long hair.

Rapunzel's tower

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