Easy Gift Box

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make your own gift box, cardboard gift box, wrapping

This is a quick and easy gift box. It is perfect for small items which are hard to wrap and would be ideal for Mother's Day or Christmas gifts. It can be decorated any way you want - we chose to stick on stars and paper scraps. Younger children will need an adult to make the box but will enjoy decorating it.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Any age
Level: Medium

1 sheet card
Something to score the card e.g. ballpoint pen or wooden skewer
Decoration items (e.g scraps of paper, stickers, paint etc)

Draw the net of the box, copying the template in the picture below. You can draw round part of the edge of a round bowl to make the curved shapes. A smaller bowl will make a tighter curve and curvier finished box. A bigger bowl will make a shallower curve and a flatter finished box.

make your own gift box, cardboard gift box, wrapping
Box template

Score the curves using a wooden skewer, ballpoint pen or click pencil. This will allow you to bend the curves later.

make your own gift box, cardboard gift box, wrapping

Cut around the outside of your box net.

make your own gift box, cardboard gift box, wrapping

Fold the straight edges and bend the curves.
Glue the tab and stick it to the opposite rectangular edge to form a flattened tube shape

homemade gift box gluing tab

Fold in the curved edges to close your box. The curved ends should snap closed and overlap each other.

homemade gift box gluing tab
Box ready to decorate

Decorate your box any way you like. You could stick on stickers or other decoupage pictures. Or you might prefer to paint a design on your box.

homemade gift box gluing tab

The box will stay closed without any further sticking needed. The box can be opened again by lifting the curved end flap. It's now ready to add a gift and give to someone special.

Why not make your own envelope, greeting card or gift tag to go with your box?

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