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by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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With Fathers' Day approaching, kids often like to get creative and make their dad a gift. A welcome sign for his shed or garage could be just the thing, but as it requires the use of sharp tools, it is less of a gift to make for Dad, and more of a gift to make with Dad. If you ask me, that is even better, because the most important thing about Fathers' Day is not what you get for your dad, but spending time with him.

Time: 1 hr 20 minutes (this can be preparation or actual activity time)
Age: Over 10's (with adult supervision)
Level: Hard

Plank of wood
2 different colours of paint (I used white and black)
Thick string


Find a relatively thin plank of wood (such as that from an old fence).

Get an adult to saw the plank in half (or to the size you want the sign to be).

Using sandpaper, sand down both sides of the wood so that it is smooth, and without any rough splinters (to get the best grip, wrap the sandpaper round a small wooden block).

Paint the wood in a base colour, and wait for it to dry.

Using the second colour, paint 'welcome' on the sign (or any other message you like, e.g. Dad's Shed).

Get an adult to drill two holes in the wood; one on either end of the sign (if you have conveniently placed knot holes then this may not be necessary).
Cut a piece of string to the correct length and tie it through the holes.

Hang the sign up wherever you want.

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