Paper Plate Hoopla

by Claire Winlow (follow)
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A craft activity that results in a fun game is a double win for me as a busy mummy. Hoopla was a traditional British fairground game and perfect for kids to play.

Improving gross motor skills, turn taking and just having a good time are all involved in Hoopla.

For some reason, my boys love to paint paper plates, more so than a piece of paper. I tend to keep their artwork and once dry turn them into other creations.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium

Paper plates
Paint, crayons or pens
Pole (we used a strong cardboard tube from a finished roll of cling film)

Decorate a few paper plates and leave to dry. Kids will enjoy creating their own designs and it means they know which ones are their own when they get to the game.

Paper plate, hoopla, game, garden, preschool

Cut out a circle from the centre of each paper plate and these then become your hoops.

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Stick a pole or something similar in the ground and then take it in turns to throw your hoops. The winner is the one that gets most hoops over the pole.

Hoopla, game, preschool, paper plate

If you have kids of different ages then you can set a different distance that they have to stand from the pole. Younger kids can stand closer and older ones slightly further away.

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