Hungry Monster Colour Matching Game

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Monster, game, colour, Lego, preschool
Feed Me Now!

This is a great activity for young kids to learn about colours and older kids will also enjoy decorating their Monster bags.

Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

Brown paper bag
These paper bags will be transformed into Hungry Monsters

Paper bags
Coloured paper
Pens, googly eyes and other other decorations you have
Different coloured Lego or Mega Bloks


Brown paper bag

The basis for your creation is a simple paper bag. Once stood up it will be the body of the monster.

Monster, preschool, colour, game

Snip off the handles of the bags and then cut monster shapes from different colours of paper.
Cut a hole in the paper for the mouth. It should be large enough to feed a Lego or Maga Blok through.
Glue the paper monsters to the front of the bags and then cut a hole in the bag where the mouth is.

Monster, preschool, colours, games

The fun now begins for the kids. Decorate each monster with whatever you have to hand.

Monster, game, colour, Lego, preschool

Monster, game, colour, Lego, preschool

Once your monsters are ready, open the bags and stand them up.
Pile up some Lego or Mega Bloks in front and kids can now feed the hungry monsters. Blue for the blue monster, yellow for the yellow one.

Monster, game, colour, Lego, preschool

Monster, game, preschool

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