Teddy Hospital

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My kids thought of this one, and treated all their injured teddies.

Teddy, hospital, doctor, bandage

Time: 20 minutes plus play time
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Teddies and Dolls
Shoe box
Sticky tape
Other craft materials such as fabric, cardboard, popsicle sticks etc.

Make Teddy's bed - Cut the sides of the shoe box down about halfway. Shape the ends if you want.

Teddy, hospital, doctor, bandage

Teddy, hospital, doctor, bandage

Fold up a hand towel for a mattress and cover Teddy with a pillow case.
Use the cardboard offcuts to make a patient chart - Cut a small rectangle of cardboard and a matching piece of paper. Write important notes on the paper and use glue or sticky tape to secure it to the cardboard. Run a line of glue along the top of more paper pieces to make a flip chart.

chart, hospital

Fold a crease at the top of the cardboard and hang it on the end of the bed.

clipboard, chart, hospital

clipboard, chart, hospital

Make bandages out of paper and sticky tape for Teddy's sore legs, arms, tummy and ears. If you like you can use strips of fabric to make roller bandages.

clipboard, chart, hospital

Use a handkerchief as a sling for poor Teddy's broken arm.

sling, teddy, triangular bandage, handkerchief
fold hanky into a triangle and put it, point to the injured side, over the injured side shoulder.

sling, teddy, triangular bandage, handkerchief
Bring Teddy's arm forward and fold hanky up and over the other shoulder.

sling, teddy, triangular bandage, handkerchief
Tie at the back

tuck, teddy, sore, arm
Tuck the point in behind the arm.

Protect Teddy's sore eye with a cupcake pan. Punch two holes in the sides and thread some string or wool through to make an eye patch.

patty pan, eye patch, teddy

Make crutches out of popsicle sticks or find y-shaped branches from the garden.

crutches, eye patch, sling, teddy

Draw lines along a popsicle stick for a thermometer.
You can make a stretcher out of chopsticks and a hanky if Teddy isn't too big. Fold the hanky so that the sticks poke out each end, enough for handles. Place the sticks one third of the way across the hanky.

stretcher, hanky, chopsticks, teddy

Fold each side in.

stretcher, hanky, chopsticks, teddy

No need to fasten it, Teddy's weight will keep it secure

stretcher, hanky, chopsticks, teddy

...as long as you are not too rough.

stretcher, accident, chopsticks, teddy

Once he is all patched up, sing songs to cheer Teddy up, make a get well card, pick flowers to brighten Teddy's room.

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