Halloween Toilet Roll Decoration

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Here's a craft to turn empty toilet rolls into creative decorative items for Halloween. These can be placed on tables or hung on door knobs.

Time: 30 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium

5 toilet rolls
Coloured paper (white, cream/beige, orange, green and black)
Googly eyes
Black marker and white coloured pencil
Craft wire
Punch holder
Glue, scissors and tape

Cut the white, orange, green and black paper into rectangles (17x12 cm) and cover each toilet roll. Tape and push any excess paper inside the toilet roll.

To make the ghost, mark 3 black dots on the white toilet roll.

To make Frankeinstein, cut a strip of paper with triangles. Glue on the green toilet roll, as well as a pair of googly eyes. Draw the mouth and scar.

To make the pumpkin, cut a strip of green paper as shown in the picture and glue on the orange toilet roll. Draw the eyes, mouth and nose.

To make the bat, cut a bat wing template and glue at the back of the black toilet roll. Draw the eyes and mouth with the white pencil.

To make the mummy, tear strips of the beige paper.
Glue all around the toilet roll and glue the googly eyes.

Cut 5 wire pieces of 30cm. Punch two holes across each 5 toilet rolls. Insert wire and twist the ends.

Your halloween decorations are ready.

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