Apple Cat

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Turn afternoon tea or fruit time into something a bit fun, with this simple apple inspired cat. Small children will enjoy creating their very own cat using their favorite ingredients and this is another fun way to get them eating healthy food each day.

Apple cat, lunch, snacks
A fun, healthy treat

Time: 5 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy


1 apple
3 sultanas
1 slice of cheese
1 carrot
1 knife
1 vegetable peeler

Apple cat, lunch, snacks
Simple ingredients


Cut two circle shapes into a fresh juicy apple.

Apple cat, lunch, snacks
Cut two circles

Slice the cheese into two small triangles to create some cat "ears".

Apple cat, lunch, snacks
Make some cat eyes

Cut small holes into the apple and put two sultana "eyes", and add a sultana "nose".

Slice the carrot into thin strips to create six carrot "whiskers", then peel a long piece of carrot to make a "tail".

cat, apple, kids,
One cute edible cat

Now your healthy apple cat is ready to eat. You can be creative and use any other favorite fruit or vegetables, such as blueberries for the "eyes", or cut some thin celery sticks for the "whiskers". Enjoy.

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