Handprint Tea Towel

by Claire Winlow (follow)
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Handprint, tea towel, homemade, preschool, gift

Handprints are one of the most personal ways that kids can customise just about anything, to create the perfect gift for a loved one. My two son's loved making this tea towel for their Auntie. We could have gone wild with prints all over the tea towel but decided to keep it simple.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Plain white tea towel
Fabric paint
Paint brush

Lay the tea towel out flat with some paper below to catch any paint that soaks through and have plenty of wipes easily accessible to clean up hands after printing.

Handprint, tea towel, homemade, preschool, gift

Paint one hand and place down firmly on the tea towel and release.

Handprint, tea towel, homemade, preschool, gift

You can either repeat with the same hand or wipe hand and repeat the process with the other hand. We decided to a left and right handprint from each kid in the four corners of the tea towel.
Leave to dry.
Iron to fix the paint and your present is ready for wrapping.

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