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Jianzi also known as Chapteh, Da cau and many other names is a very traditional Asian game dating back to 5th century BC. A jianzi (chinese name for a shuttle cock) typically has four feathers fixed on a rubber base or plastic disc. In the game the feet and various parts of the body except the hand are used to keep the Jianzi off the ground. The game is believed to have evolved from cuju, a game similar to football. Jianzi game is so popular in Asia that competitons are held for the best player. Well you don't have to visit Asia to play or see one of these competions because now you can make your own Jianzi with just three simple materials. It will keep your kids busy these holidays and help build hand-eye co-ordiantion at the same time.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Coloured feathers
Square thin card board pieces
Sticky tape

Stick the card board pieces together with glue or sticky tape to make the base.
Stick the feathers together.
Stick the feathers to the base securing firmly.

To play balance it on your foot and kick gently in the air.
Challenge yourself and try to keep it off the ground.
When you get better compete with friends.

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