Personalised Popsicle Frame Magnet

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This is an easy craft to make for your loved ones. Using some popsicle sticks, make a frame and insert your favourite photos, special messages or artwork. This is a personalised cheap gift but can be so meaningful and remind your special ones that you love and care for them every time they open the fridge.

Time: 15 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

18 popsicle sticks (10 plain and 8 red)
Photos/ personal messages/ artwork
Stickers or any decorative items
Craft magnet
Glue, scissors, blue-tack

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit in the 10 plain popsicle sticks. Spread glue over the cardboard piece and place the popsicle sticks.
Then glue 2 pairs of red popsicles across.
Prepare your message or any photo you want to put in the frame.
Place some blue-tack over your chosen photo/ frame, as well as the remaining red popsicles (If you do not have any blue-tack, feel free to use glue).
Stick the photo first and then the popsicle. Use imagination to decorate the frame.

Turn over and glue the magnet and it is ready to be gifted.

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