Paper Flower Ring

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Paper flower ring

This is great fun for kids who love colouring and paper craft, especially girls. My niece gifted me this cute paper flower ring she made.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: 5-10
Level: Easy

Small square paper
A rectangle paper strip
Sketch pen (different colors)
Crayons (Different colors)
Glitter pen

Gather all supplies.

Paper flower ring

Draw a flower in the square paper with pencil.

Paper flower ring

Give an outline for the flower using different color sketch pen.

Paper flower ring

Add some glitter works to the edges using glitter pen.

Add some glitter works

Shade the petals and the center with different color crayons.

Color the petals with crayons

Cut the flower in shape using the scissors.

Cut the flower using scissors

Now we have to make the ring using the rectangle paper strip.

Outline the edges of the paper strip using sketch pen. Then draw a simple design on the paper strip using glitter pen. My niece made a simple design by joining some cross lines.

Outline the rectangle strip with sketch pen

Now apply glue to one end of the paper strip. Paste it to the other end to form a ring.

Glue and paste the edges to form a ring

Now apply glue to the back of the flower we made.

Glue and paste the edges to form a ring

Then paste the ring to the back of the flower. Let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes to dry.

Glue and paste the edges to form a ring

The cute paper flower ring is ready. This will be a great gift idea for the kids party.

Glue and paste the edges to form a ring

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