Grassy Hedgehog

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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While I was at Deen City Farm's Harvest Festival the other week, I saw a woman making hedgehogs with children. They all had great fun putting them together.

Time: 15-20 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy


deen city farm, hedgehog, crafts, harvest festival

Goggly eyes
Patch of turf

Snip the tights so that you are left with just the leg parts.

deen city farm, hedgehog, crafts, harvest festival

Fill them up with soil until they are about the size of a baked potato.
Tie a tight knot so that the soil cannot move about inside.
Snip off the dangling end of the tights so you have just a stub.
Peel the backs off the goggly eyes to reveal the sticky adhesive, and stick one eye on either side of what will be the hedgehog's face (if the goggly eyes don't have an adhesive back, then you can use glue or glue stick).
Snip a small line lengthways across the hedgehog's back.

deen city farm, hedgehog, crafts, harvest festival

Place the turf inside so that it is embedded in the rest of the soil, and so that the grass sticks out over the top.

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