Handprint Flower Apron

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A great gift for mom or a grandmother on Mother's Day, Grandparent's Day or a birthday! These pretty aprons with special hand prints are a wonderful keepsake!

Time: 30 minutes (plus allow drying time for paint)
Age: Any Age
Level: Medium

Canvas apron
Fabric paint
Various paint brushes
Fabric maker (optional)
Large piece of cardboard

Launder the canvas apron as you would normally.
Stretch out the apron with a piece of cardboard underneath. I used the cardboard just in case some of the paint came through to protect surfaces underneath and it helped keep the canvas hard and flat.

Flower Stalks

Using a paint brush, paint on some flower stems.
Add different shades and heights of green to fill in the bottom to represent grass.

Flower Stalks

Paint a child's hand and have them place their hand print above a flower stem. CAUTION - fabric paint will adhere to anything if not cleaned up right away so it is good to have a rag handy!
Repeat for as many "flowers" as you would like.
Use finger prints or thumb prints to create bumblebees and/or ladybird beetles(ladybugs) in your flower garden.

Flower Stalks


For this project, we had each grandchild put their hand print on a flower so at each flower, we then put on the child's name with a fabric pen.

Flower Stalks

After the paint is dry, iron the fabric pen lightly to set and then the apron can be laundered on gentle cycle.
A special apron for a special mom or grandmother!

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