Toilet Roll Stamp Painting

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Toilet rolls are the perfect size for little hands. With a little bending and creasing you can quickly create new stamp designs for your child to paint with.
If you use a large sheet of paper, their art can double as wrapping paper.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

Toilet rolls
Acrylic Paint

Pour the paint into little containers which are wide enough for a toilet roll stamp to fit. I use old yogurt containers.

Encourage your child to stamp a few toilet rolls in the paint and onto paper.

Use your hands to bend the end of a toilet roll into a heart shape. Pinch the folds to help it keep its shape. If you only do this on one end, the other will remain a circle shape which is easy for little hands to manage.

Bend a toilet roll into a four sided star. Fold the end in half horizontally, pinch the edges. Now open, and fold vertially, and pinch the edges. This will give you a four sided star stamp.

Show your child how to make an eight sided star on the paper by stamping over itself.

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