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Sometimes the simplest materials can create the most wonderful toys, and here is a craft which even the very young can do but which will create a toy which has endless possibilities for further create - with storytelling and creative play topping our list of things to do with these little Ghosties once they were made!

Ghosties for hours of fun

These ghosties will be very satisfying for even young children to make, as they can do most of it themselves (except maybe turning the elastic band around) and make such a great toy.

You can even make a few of them to populate the Recycled City as we have done for a totally home made toy and game experience.

Our Recycled City is transformed into a haunted castle for hours of imaginative play

Time: 2 minutes to make for hours of creative play
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's, Over 10's, Any Age
Level: Easy

2 tissues
1 Elastic band, hair elastic or similar

Materials most will have to hand

Roll first tissue into a ball

Roll tissue into ball

Place tissue ball into the center of the other tissue

Place tissue ball into center of remaining tissue

Wrap tissue ball in the first tissue, turning over and twisting. The tissue ball becomes the ghostie's head.

tissue ghosts

Secure the head with a hair elastic or rubber band.

tissue ghosts

Gently draw on features and you're done!

tissue ghosts

They are so simple to make, you can even make a few more to have a game with.

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