Wattle Flower Handprint Card

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Wattle Flower Fingerpaint Greeting Card

Being old enough to draw is no barrier to creating fantastic greeting cards. Little kids who can follow directions can make this great Wattle flower design greeting card using just their hands and some paint.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Under 5's
Level: Easy

Washable non-toxic paint in green and yellow
Cardboard to make a card
Brown pencil or pen to draw a branch
Aluminum foil (or similar) to spread paint on
2 paint brushes (or similar) to spread paint with
Smock for young children
Newspaper to protect surfaces
Baby wipes for immediate cleanup of little hands
(optional) hairdryer

Make a card out of the cardboard. Make sure that it fits into an envelope if you intent to use one.
Draw a bare branch on the front of the card with a brown pencil.

Wattle Flower Fingerpaint Greeting Card

Put some green paint on the aluminum foil and spread it out with a paintbrush thinly enough for printing with, but not so thin that it dries too quickly.
Using the side of the hand (pinky finger side), print leaves on the branch with the green paint. Older children with larger hands could use just a finger instead.

Wattle Flower Fingerpaint Greeting Card

Wait for the leaves to dry (you can speed things up with a hairdryer).
Now prepare the yellow paint for printing just like the green paint.
Put yellow fingerprints all over the branch for the Wattle flowers.

Wattle Flower Fingerpaint Greeting Card

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