Handmade Christmas Glitter Balls

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If your Christmas tree is looking a little sparse this year, why not make your very own unique glitter balls to add some extra cheer and sparkle? The polystyrene balls are easily available in any discount variety store in many shapes and sizes, as is the glitter and paint. Allow your creativity to guide you and create the most amazing glittery balls you can think of. The beauty of this activity is that you can make it extremely simple for younger children, or quite elaborate to keep the older children entertained.

glitter balls, christmas
Our handmade Christmas Glitter Balls

Time: 20 minutes (also allow time for the paint to dry)
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy


Polystyrene balls
Colored paint
Paint brush
Craft glue
Colored ribbon

glitter balls, christmas
Polystyrene balls


Choose a polystyrene ball and paint it your favorite Christmas color - for example, we chose red and green.

glitter balls, christmas
Paint the balls

Once your paint has completely dried, attach the colored ribbon to the top of the ball with a sharp pin. This will allow you to add some sparkle without getting your fingers gluey and then you can easily hang it up at the end.

glitter balls, christmas
Attach a pin and ribbon

Apply some glue and dip the ball in a bowl of colored glitter. For something different, I also dipped the red ball in tiny shiny beads and I reckon these balls might look great with some red and green coloured wool wound around them too.

glitter balls, christmas
Hang your glitter balls up

Now it's time to hang up your masterpiece while the glue dries and then it will be ready to adorn the nearest Christmas tree. Have fun and happy Christmas.

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