Wax Paper Crayon Decorations

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These cheap and easy decorations are fun to make and with a bit of help, can be done by children of all ages.

This easy craft is sure to please children who love bright colours and interesting textures. Kids are amazed when they watch the crayons melt and the colours swirl together, resulting in a beautiful decoration that can be displayed in a window or simply on the fridge.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Any age
Level: Easy

Wax paper
Cheese grater
Iron and ironing board

Fold a sheet of wax paper twice, creating four equal layers (in the same way you would fold paper to create a greeting card).
Using the folded edge as your starting point, use a crayon to draw one half of the shape you would like to create.

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You can make any shape that your child is interested in, and you can make it any size.

Carefully cut out the shape, ensuring that the result is two shapes of equal size.

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Put the shapes to the side, and carefully help your child to shred crayons with the cheese grater.

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Careful that little fingers aren't cut during this process.

Ensure that the colours are kept separate from each other

Shredded crayon
You don't need to make large piles - a little bit of colour goes a long way with this craft.

Allow your child to sprinkle the shredded crayon onto one of the cut out wax paper shapes.

Shredded crayon
Random sprinkling creates a wonderful result, but you can also be more deliberate with your design.

Place the remaining wax paper shape carefully on top of the other shape, ensuring that they are perfectly aligned. In order to protect your iron from any crayon bits that may stray, place one more piece of wax paper on top of the decoration.
Using low heat, gently iron your decoration until the crayon has melted.

Shredded crayon
Ensure you allow your child to watch this process. He or she will be fascinated at how the colours meld together and at how the texture of the crayon changes as it melts.

After the decoration has cooled, it can be displayed in a window or simply on the fridge.

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