Make a Flower Loom

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With a flower loom, kids can easily create cute flowers, out of yarn, that can be used to decorate just about anything you can think of - hair accessories, bags, brooches, and cards are just a few ideas. Ability to use a tapestry (blunt) needle the only special skill required.

making a loom flower
A yarn flower made with a flower loom

But did you know that you can easily make your own flower loom by up-cycling some plastic? It is a great STEM activity for older kids to create one from scratch. This tutorial involves scissors and a pointy compass so supervision of younger children is required.

making a loom flower
Making a flower with a flower loom

This DIY flower loom is simple to use, and the results are just as good as a store bought flower loom. Making loom flowers is also a great way of using up any scraps of leftover yarn from other yarn projects.

Time: 30 minutes - depending on compass/protractor proficiency
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Medium

Used ice-cream tub lid (cleaned) or similar type of plastic
Scissors - supervision required
Compass (mathematical, not navigational) - supervision required
Scrap paper

how to make a flower loom
Make a flower loom by up-cycling an old ice cream container lid and a compass

Set the compass to 4cm to create a circle with a diameter of 8cm and a radius of 4cm. Push the pointy end of the compass into the plastic lid to make an indent so you can position the compass for subsequent circles. My ice-cream lid had a convenient bump in the middle of the lid that I used for this. Draw a circle with the compass.
Set the compass to 3.5 cm. Position the pointy end in the same spot and draw another circle.
Using scissors, cut out the largest circle from the ice-cream lid. You should now have something like the image below.

how to make a flower loom
Cut around the larger circle from the ice-cream lid

Next, take your scrap piece of paper and mark a plus sign. This will be the centre of the circle. Place the protractor on the paper and line it up with the plus sign.
The loom prongs will be 10 degrees in width, with 20 degree spaces between them. Using the protractor, mark 10 degrees, 30 degrees, 40 degrees, 60 degrees and so on until the end of the protractor is reached.
Flip the protractor over and make a complete circle of prong marks.

how to make a flower loom
Mark out the prongs on a piece of paper. The prongs are the smaller sections (10 degrees)

Place your plastic circle in the middle of the protractor marks and transfer the marks to the plastic. Draw lines from the edge of the circle to the inner circle.

how to make a flower loom
Transfer the prong marks to the plastic circle

Cut out the 20 degree sections to create the prongs for the flower loom.

how to make a flower loom
Cut out the sections in-between the prongs

Set the compass to 2cms (4cm diameter) and draw another circle on the flower loom using the same centre point.

how to make a flower loom
Mark a circle with a diameter of 4 cms

Cut out the circle like in the image below. This inner circle will give you easy access to tie the petals together to stop the yarn flower from unravelling.

how to make a flower loom
Cut the inside circle out and your flower loom is finished

And that's it, your yarn flower loom is finished!

My next My Kid Craft article will take you through how to use a flower loom to make loom flowers.

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