No Sew Fabric Bunting

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fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting

Who can resist brightly coloured bunting? I could, until I found a no sew option and now it is one of my favourite crafts to do with the kids. We make festive bunting for the holidays as well as giving colourful bunting as gifts.

Now you can involve the kids in making bunting with a safe, easy, no sew bunting that is perfect for holidays, parties or everyday room decoration.

Time: 30 minutes
Age: Any Age with parental assistance
Level: Easy

Pinking shears
Glue (hot glue or fabric glue)
Fabric pencil or marker

fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting
You don't need expensive materials to make beautiful bunting

Mark out a triangle template on your piece of cardboard. You can make the flag any size you wish to suit your fabric and design. The bunting flags pictured are 17cm wide x 18cm tall.

fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting
Step 1 - Create your template

Place your fabric face down on a flat surface. Carefully trace your template onto the fabric.
Use the pinking shears to cut out the flags following along the marked lines. Pinking shears create a zig-zag edge that does not require sewing. They also give the flags a decorative edge and are more forgiving than straight lines- especially when you have little helpers mastering their cutting skills!

fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting
Pinking shears give a decorative edge to the fabric that does not require sewing.

fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting
Fabric edge after cutting with pinking shears

Once you have completed cutting out your flags, its time to attach them to the string. I used jute twine, however you can use yarn, rope or wool string.

fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting
Jute twine gives the bunting a rustic or vintage look.

Cover your work surface with newspaper to protect it from any excess glue.
Unwind approximately 1 metre of string from the ball and lay it flat on your work surface. Starting from the end of your string, leave a long enough piece to tie your bunting when hanging. Remember it is always easier to trim the string later than add extra.
Place your first flag face down and lay the string on top.

fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting

Run a line of glue along the string and fold over the top of your flag. Press firmly.

fabric bunting, no sew bunting, easy bunting

Repeat these steps with each flag. Be sure to leave an even space between each of your flags. If you don't have a lot of flags, more space will give you a longer string of finished bunting. Or you can place the flags closer together for a fuller look.
Continue until you have used all of your flags or until you have reached the desired length. As reference, 5 flags of this size is great for short bunting over a window or door. 10 - 15 flags will cover the length of a room.
Trim the string and hang your bunting.

Mom's Tips:
This craft is a great way to use up any fabric scraps. Adjust the size of your flags to suit your fabric. You can even create different sizes of flags.
Mix and match colours and patterns to suit you and your kids style.
I used a hot glue gun because the glue sets quickly and it sticks well to most fabrics. My 4 year old would place the flags and I would glue. My 8 year old was comfortable with the glue gun so he was allowed to place the glue and I would fold the flags to ensure he didn't touch hot glue. If you are concerned about using a hot glue gun, use fabric or craft glue instead.

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