Baby Dragons

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Author Wendy Allott
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These cute baby dragons are made out of socks and clear hair ties. They're quick and easy to make, use only a few materials, but are no less gorgeous because of that. So, get going and make a whole dragon family to snuggle up with.

Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Age: 6
Level: Medium

1 clean sock
8 - 10 clear hair ties
1 sheet A4 cardstock
Fibre fill (available from sewing and craft shops)

Stuff the sock firmly with fibre fill and close the top of sock using a hair tie. This will be the dragon's 'hair' and the heel of the sock will be the mouth and nose.

Beginning at the toe of the sock, take a small section and tie off with a hair tie. Use your fingers to massage the section into shape.

Work your way up the sock. In the photo you can see that the first sections are quite close together. As you move up the sock space the hair ties further apart for the dragon's body.

Use your hands to roll and massage the fibre fill into shape.

To form the snout, stretch a hair tie from the back of the head to the front, twist once and slide the loop over the nose section.

To make a clear mouth and nose, stretch a hair tie from the middle of the snout, twist once, and secure over the hair.

Put your dragon to one side. Cut your cardstock in half and fold each half backwards and forwards (fan style).

Slide the closed 'fan' underneath one of the hair ties on the back, open out and secure with sticky tape on the central edge.

Finally, colour in the nostrils and draw on the eyes using a black marker.

Enjoy your new pet!

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