Quick and Easy Easter Bunny Face Paint

Quick and Easy Easter Bunny Face Paint

Posted 2014-03-27 by Helenonthesofafollow
This is a fun activity for adults to do on young children, or for older children to do on their friends. This quick and easy face painting bunny would be a great activity to have up your sleeve if you are hosting an Easter party with friends or family.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Any Age
Level: Easy

  • Child safe face paints: white, pink, brown/black (other colours are optional)
  • Face paint brush (not too thick - about a #2 )
  • Water and cup

  • If you are painting older kids, you will benefit from the use of a small face painting sponge as this makes quick work of cheeks and ears


    Wash your brush after each colour change to keep colours strong and bright

  • Using a thin brush (or sponge) paint small triangles for the bunny's ears using the child's eyebrows as the base of each ear. The older the child the bigger the ear you can create. Whilst your brush has white paint on it, also paint around and just under your child's nose. This creates the bunny's moustache area.

  • Colour in some detail on the ears, by creating a smaller arched triangle inside the white bunny ears that you have already created. You could do blue for little boy bunnies and pink for little girl bunnies, or whatever colour your child wants. As long as you have the white outline for the ear, anything goes.

  • Paint on some pink circles onto your child's cheek to create the bunny's cheeks.

  • It's now time to paint on your bunny's whiskers. Little kids tend to move quite a lot, so try to do quick lines and load your brush up with a fair amount of paint so you can do your whiskers in quick succession without reloading your brush. Add in some little dots near to the whiskers for bunny detail. You can use brown or black for the whiskers.

  • Whilst your brush is loaded with brown/black you can also paint on the outline for your bunny's nose and also the teeth. For the nose just create an arched triangle on the tip of their nose; this is the tickly bit for kids so you want to work quickly to avoid smudges. For the teeth, just add in two small rectangles using the bottom of the bottom middle of the lower lip as the starting point. For older kids you can paint over their lips too, but little kids don't seem to like this too much and wipe it off.

  • Your bunny is complete. For older kids you can also add bunny eyelashes near to the eye and some sparkly lipgloss for little girls is a nice touch too.

  • Hint: If you are face painting a small child aged around 3, give them a mirror to hold so that they can see what they are doing. This keeps their hands busy and their curious minds occupied.


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