Robot Birthday Card

Robot Birthday Card

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Imagine a beautiful garden full of spring flowers in every colour you can find. Using bright, translucent inks and some simple techniques, this project is perfect for children 10 years and older and is one of our most popular school holiday workshops.

Time: 30 mins for practice & 60 - 90 mins for your final project
Age: Over 10's
Level: Medium - Hard


  • Acrylic Inks in Turquoise, Yellow, Magenta & Black (Available from Good Art Stores)
  • Taklon (soft bristled) Fan Brush
  • Taklon Round Brush
  • Piece of Embroidery Thread
  • Thick Paper for Practice
  • Canvas Boards or stretched Canvas for Final Project

  • Method
    NOTE: Clean your brushes thoroughly with water between colours and allow each colour to dry so that you do not end up with muddy colours.

  • Mix a lime green (turquoise & yellow), purple (turquoise & magenta) and orange (magenta & yellow) This will give you 6 beautiful colours to work with

  • Using a fully loaded fan brush create upward strokes in lime green - starting at the bottom of your canvas to about 1/3 to 1/2 way up.

  • Create smaller flowers and buds with your round brush. Use a windscreen wiper motion with just the head of the brush. Try to make these two toned by adding a different colour right next to the first bud.

  • Now for some bigger flowers with your fan brush fully loaded with ink and some ink painted on the brush handle for stems. Lay the fan brush flat as though it were a stamp and carefully lift to reveal gorgeous, big flowers.

  • Add further buds and smaller flowers with the round brush.

  • Now for some rainbow raindrops. Load your round brush and hold it above your canvas, gently tap the stem of your brush so that little droplets fall to the canvas - use as many colours as you like.

  • Finally, using your embroidery thread loaded with black ink, drag the string from the base of the canvas to about 2/3 of the way up and then lower the thread to create a partial loop. This step is optional but adds some tall, wispy wild grasses that really add effect.

  • NOTE: It is recommended that the final work on canvas is sealed with a spray varnish to protect the inks.

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