Silk Necktie Lace Fascinator

Silk Necktie Lace Fascinator

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A hand sewing project for older children or adults, which takes an existing man's necktie, lace, a button and a hairband and refashions it into a feminine DIY fascinator headpiece.

DIY Silk Necktie Fascinator

Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Age: Over 10's
Level: Medium to Hard

  • Silk man's necktie (no need to buy new, you can source neckties from thrift stores, charity shops, opportunity shops, markets etc, mine cost $1)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and matching thread
  • Plain handband (to attach finished piece)
  • Glue gun (to attach piece, otherwise could sew it on)
  • Lace (optional, can also source second hand, my lace cost 10c from haberdashery section at local opportunity shop)
  • Decorative button (optional, can also source second hand, mine cost 10c from my local opportunity shop)

  • Supplies


  • Remove inner lining of necktie. To do this, either use a seam ripper or scissors to cut away the thread that holds the necktie together at the back.

  • Gently cut away thread holding necktie together

    Opened necktie

    Inner removed, but KEEP HOLD OF IT you will use it later

  • Fold your necktie into a flower.
  • Hold your necktie and start folding it around in a circle, starting with the larger end first. Pins might help you here to hold in place as you fold.
  • Use your needle and thread to sew by hand and hold in place.

  • Fold necktie in a circle and pin

    Continue folding in a circle, pinning and hand sewing

    First layer circle pinned and stitched

    Next add the lace.

  • Once one folded circle is stitched together, add a layer of lace using the same folding circular technique, pin and sew.

  • Add layer of lace

    Continue folding and sewing with necktie.

  • Keep folding and hand sewing in a circle, on top of the previous layer. Each layer should be placed slightly in from the edge of the last, until you get to the end of your necktie.

  • Continue stitching necktie over the top of lace

    Until reaching the end of the necktie

    Add final lace and button.

  • Cut lace into a circular shape and sew button onto the top for a decorative feature.

  • Add final piece of lace

    Sew button in the middle, on top of the last piece of lace

    Tidy up the back.

  • At this point, you'll want to hide the back of your necktie flower which you'll notice is covered in thread. This is where your removed inner piece of necktie comes in useful.
  • Find something circular to trace around onto the bigger part of your removed necktie inner and cut.

  • Messy underside

    Cut circle from necktie inner

    Attach headband.

  • Now you can attach your cut away circle to the back, I used a glue gun to do this.
  • Then attach your plain handband to the underside of your completed necktie flower, again I used a glue gun to do this, you could also sew it on.

  • Underside of necktie flower covered with inner necktie cut circle

    Attached headband

    A headpiece fascinator ready for racing day carnival!


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