Simple Game to Teach Number Recognition

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Teaching counting and number recognition to pre-schoolers and kindergarteners can be a challenging task. Keeping it interesting for them requires some creativity.

Here is a parent created game which kids play to learn instant recognition of numbers 1-12.

Use it once your child already has the basics. Knowing how to count to 12. Knowing that there are written numerals that are equal to the number of objects. You would be surprised at what a concept that can be to get a child's head around. If you try to teach them numeral recognition before they understand this, it may be too hand to grasp the concept.

Time: 10 minutes
Age: Under 5's, 5-10's
Level: Medium

  • 1 egg cartoon
  • White stickers or labels
  • Black marker pen
  • Paper and glue (optional, to cover branding)

  • Method
  • If you are covering branding, get a piece of paper and cover the outside of the egg carton now. You could use one of your child's paintings or let them decorate if you wish.

  • [Image1 Paper covered egg carton]

  • Cut labels into squares small enough to fit inside egg container holes.

  • Write numbers 1 - 12 on the labels.

  • Stick to the inside of the container in order. This is important with younger learners as it helps them to count along if they get stuck, using the numbers nearby to help them work it out.

  • [Image2 Numbers Inside]

  • Now you're ready to begin playing. Grab a counter or a coin and drop it inside the container.

  • [Image3 Counter]

  • Close container. Give it a shake. Then open up to see what number it lands on.

  • [Image4 Shake shake shake ...]

  • Young kids get a real kick out of getting this right and will play it for half an hour at a time while learning. If you have more then one child, you could have them take turns. Or you could play with your child, taking turns as you go.

  • [Image5 Ta da!]

  • Older kids really like trying to get a higher number, which reinforces not only number recognition but number order as well.

  • Once kids can recognise numbers easily and have the concept of adding. Up the gradient by taking two turns at a time. Add the numbers together. Perfect for learning.

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