Stars and Planets Window

Stars and Planets Window

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If we know the basics of quilling, it is very interesting and fun to make colourful art pieces or jewellery. This earring is made by my sister for her daughter. Since the paper jewellery is weightless she can wear it and have fun.

There are many possibilities with the colour combination. Here she used yellow and dark blue colour. For this earring, you should make 2 sets of every coil. The quilling tool usually comes with the paper strips.

Time: 50 minutes
Age: Over 10's
Level: Medium

  • Multi-colour 5mm quilling paper strips
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Quilling slotted tool
  • Stud base
  • Stone bead

  • Method
  • Gather the supplies.You have to make 6 coils for this earring, 3 sets of round coil with different size.

  • Make the yellow strip and blue strip into half using a scissors. Glue 1/2 of yellow strip and 1/2 of blue strip together.

  • Using the quilling tool, roll the joined strip tightly to make the small round coil. The small coil has blue in the center surrounded by yellow. When you get to the end, add a little glue to the edge of the strip to hold it in position. Make 2 coils.

  • Now take another blue and yellow strip. You have to make a little bigger round than the previous coil. So use the whole blue strip and 1/2 of yellow colour strip. Glue together both strips and roll tightly using the tool. This time, yellow in the center surrounded by blue. Apply glue at the end to hold it in place.

  • Now comes the bigger round coil. Join simultaneously half of blue, half of yellow, 1 whole blue strip and one whole yellow strip. Roll the coil tightly with blue in the center. Add glue at the end.

  • Take three coils of different size and glue it together in the order of their size. Repeat with the other three coils also.

  • Glue the stone bead at the center of each coil.

  • Glue the stud base to the back of each earring.

  • Let it dry completely. Have fun making this earring with different colours.

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