The Finger Car

The Finger Car

Posted 2013-09-22 by Crafty Kidsfollow
I came up with the idea for the finger car when I was at school. I wanted something fun I could make that didn't need too many bits and pieces to assemble. All you need for the finger car is a sheet of A4 paper, some coloured pens and pencils, some sticky tape, scissors, and of course your fingers.

It's also a fun toy to pack away if you're going on holiday and you can't take too many toys. It can actually be flattened down, so it can slip inside your favourite book.

Time: 10-15 minutes
Age: 5-10s
Level: Medium

  • A4 paper
  • Pens, pencils or markers
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape

  • Method
  • Take your piece of A4 Paper and fold it in half lengthways. Then fold it in half again. Each time fold the longest side in half (you want a smaller folded rectangle, not a long skinny rectangle).

  • One of the long sides of your paper will be folded, while you can flick through the other like a book. Fold the loose side under the car (only make a fold about 1cm wide) and tape it down so that both sides now have a clean edge.

  • Fold your paper in half one last time, but don't press down too hard. You don't want it to be a permanent fold.

  • Draw two semi-circles on one side of the of the fold, then cut around them. These will be the holes your fingers will go through. Once you've cut out the circles, unfold the car and slip your fingers through. If you need to make the holes bigger you can just tidy up the holes using some scissors. Some kids might need an adult to help.

  • Now it's time to decorate your car. Make sure you add things like a steering wheel, gear box, head lights, a bumper bar, and number plates. You can add other designs to your car if you like.

  • You can decorate underneath the car too with things like your engine. If you're into cars you can make it look like a real car looks inside, but you can also use your imagination to create a fun machine with lots of bits and pieces.

  • Make two more folds on the car, so that the front headlights and the back bumper bar are bending down from the rest of your car. Then put some smiley faces on your fingers, slip them through the car, and zoom away.

  • I'm really proud of my finger car idea. So if you decide to make one, take a picture and share it in the comments. Let us know if you think it's a fun craft idea!


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