Three Little Easter Chicks

Three Little Easter Chicks

Posted 2014-04-01 by Wendyfollow
These cute little chicks are the perfect look outs for the Easter Bunny. They're fairly easy to make but, as you can see from the pictures, results will vary a bit depending on the age and skills of your child.

My sons are 2 and 3 12. Their chicks here unpainted are unique but make me smile

That said, no matter what they bring a smile to your face.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: 5 - 10
Level: Medium

  • Air dry clay
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners in various colours
  • Foam shapes or coloured card (I've used foam shapes here)
  • Paint and brushes

  • Method
  • Take a piece of clay and roll it into a ball/egg shape. If it becomes too dry, wet your hands and shake off the excess water. Smooth your hands over the clay.

  • Cut two pipe cleaners in half and twist them together. Bend in the middle to form a 'V' shape.

  • Separate the pipe cleaners at one end to form toes.

  • Cut two, 1cm, lengths of pipe cleaner. Bend one end around the 'ankle' and have the other end poke out between the two toes to form a third toe.

  • Decide which side of your clay ball will be the back and press the 'V' firmly into the clay so that the legs and feet stick out from the bottom. Press the clay over the pipe cleaner, wetting hands if necessary.

  • Turn the chick over and press two googly eyes into the clay. Use a triangle of foam or coloured card as the beak, making sure it's pressed firmly into the clay.
  • Use a tear drop shaped foam shape or cut a tear drop out of coloured card.
  • Mark it with lines to look like a feather.
  • Make a small hole in the back of the chick, insert the narrow end of the tear drop and press the clay to secure the tail.

  • Cut two lengths of pipe cleaner about 3cm long and bend in half.

  • Push into the sides of the chick for wings. Leave your birds to dry.

  • Once completely dry, use a small brush to paint your chicks. Now, personally, I would have gone with a colouring that matched with the wings and legs, so in this case white for the pink and purpled winged chicks and red for the yellow winged chick.

  • You may notice that I was over-ruled in favour for a bit of bling.

    But regardless, they certainly bring something special to the holiday.


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