Toy Clothes

Toy Clothes

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One of the things I used to love doing as a kid is dressing up my toys. It's so easy to do, and all you need are some old clothes or spare fabric. Once you have your clothes, why not make a wardrobe to put them in?

Time: 5-15 minutes (per item)
Age: 5 - 10s, 10 plus
Level: Easy to Medium

  • Old socks
  • Old tights
  • Old trousers
  • Safety pins
  • Lucky charms or beads
  • Hair bands
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle

  • Method
  • With a pair of old socks you can make hats, skirts, and t-shirts. Cut the toe of the socks off to make the hat. If your toy has long ears, cut holes on either side so that the ears can poke through.

  • To make skirts, cut off the top of the socks. How much you cut off depends on how long you want the skirt to be. If your toy has a tail, cut a hole at the bottom of the skirt for the tail to poke through.
  • To make t-shirts, use the middle of the sock. Cut two holes on either side for the arms to poke through.

  • You can also make hats and t-shirs with tights. You might be able to make skirts depending on how tight fitting the tights are, but as there is no elastic waist, it won't stay up as well.

  • If your toy is an animal, then you can use hairbands as collars, or use them to tie up their ears as if it were hair.

  • You can accessorise your toys by making them earrings. Thread a lucky charm or bead through a safety clip and pierce the clip through one of the toy's ears.

  • You can make a cool denham jacket by cutting the bottom part of the leg from a pair of old jeans. Cut the material down the middle, then make two holes for arms. Using a needle and thread, so a button on to one side of the jacket and make a small hole on the other side for the button to fit through.

  • If you have any old toys you don't want anymore, you can always recycle their clothes and use them on other toys.

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