Water Cycle Art Work

Water Cycle Art Work

Posted 2016-10-31 by madhufollow
Science can be fun with a touch of art! We were discussing the water cycle and thought why not bring in some creativity into our project? We came up with the below idea, “A Water Cycle” on a canvas with all the elements we could add in.

Time: 20 minutes
Age: 5
Level: easy

  • Elmer’s PVA glue
  • Cotton for clouds
  • Pre-cut Craft wood.
  • Colored Sand
  • Paint brush
  • Paint knife
  • Acrylic paint
  • Liquitex Resin Sand.
  • Canvas

  • Method
  • Take a Canvas board.You could choose any size. For our project, we used 18×24 inch Canvas. If the canvas is not available, you could just use canvas paper or any thick paper.
  • Now take your paint brush and dip in a little bit of water and brush your canvas, top to bottom. Let it dry. It takes less than a minute.
  • Take some blue acrylic paint and spread it over. You could also add in some crimson paint and spread it across.
  • With your paint brush slight mark your mountains, rivers, clouds sun. These markings will give you an idea on where all elements go when you place them.

  • Mix up the Resin sand with a brown acrylic paint. Resin sand adds texture to your paintings. Use a painting knife (you could use a fork if you don’t have a painting knife!) to make the mountains.

  • Fill in the river area with PVA glue. Take some coloured sand and sprinkle it over
  • Fill in the cloud area with PVA glue and spread the cotton over.
  • You could just paint the sun with orange paint or like we did you could add a pre-cut circular craft wood. Same applies to rain drops. You could paint them with different colors.

  • Let it dry a bit and add some arrows to show the water cycle and some trees to show the landscape.You could also write what each stage represents, on a piece of paper and glue it.

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