Wool bracelets Simple Kumihimo style

Wool bracelets Simple Kumihimo style

Posted 2013-07-26 by MonStafollow
These bracelets look fabulous, and are easier to make than you might think. Choose your favourite colours and weave away!

Time: 30 minutes - 1 hour
Age: 5-10's, Over 10's
Level: Medium

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Wool or embroidery thread

  • Method
  • Cut your cardboard into a donut shape, the outside being about 8cm or larger, the inside being large enough to feed the wool through, around 1cm.

  • Use the scissors to poke a hole in the middle, then twist the scissors to make it round

  • Cut 8 evenly spaced slots around the edge of the cardboard, about 5mm long

  • A heavy cardboard will hold the strings tighter, resulting in a more tightly woven bracelet

  • Measure 7 strands of wool in whatever colours you love.

  • Strands of about 50cm is plenty for a bracelet

  • Tie the top securely, leaving a loop, or enough wool to tie up later.

  • Push the knot through the centre of your board.

  • Pull each strand across the board and secure it with one of the slots.

  • It is time to start weaving! You will notice that one slot doesn't have a strand in it. The weaving is all done by taking another strand and filling the gap.
  • Count the threads anticlockwise from the gap. Take the third thread and move it to the gap.

  • Turn the board clockwise, take the third thread anticlockwise from the gap and put it into the gap. Turn.

  • That's it! Keep doing this and the bracelet will work its way out through the hole.

    Be sure to stop and unravel the strands every now and then, as they tangle while you weave.

  • When it is long enough to go around your wrist, hold the end securely (you can wrap tape around them to make it easier) and remove the strands from the board.

  • Tie a knot in the end to secure it and you have your finished bracelet.

  • If you like, you can plait the ends to make a tie, or just make the bracelet long enough for tying.

    For something different, try adding more strands - just cut more slots, so that there is one more slot than the number of wool strands. Keep counting three anticlockwise.


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