Zesty Decorations

Zesty Decorations

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This activity is just perfect for little hands as precision is not required and haphazard decorating skills are encouraged. An adult will need to cut the card initially but after that, it's time to just let the creative juices flow.

No door is complete without a little Christmas bling

Time: 3 mins preparation time for a 10 -15 minute hands on activity.
Age: Great for under 5's but over 5's would also enjoy making a more sophisticated version.
Level: Easy


Gather your supplies

  • Card (any colour)
  • Crepe paper strips
  • Glue
  • Pipe cleaners (2)
  • Decorative supplies such as mini pom poms, stickers, sequins, glitter, feathers
  • Sticky tape

  • Method

    This first step is for an adult or older child as it requires quite precise cutting skills.
  • Take your card and draw one big circle and within that, one smaller circle. You are aiming to create a wreath like shape. Sizing is up to you.
  • When your happy with your template, cut out the smaller circle and the excess card from the outer circle to leave your little craft maker with a wreath circle that they can decorate.

  • The wreath base

  • Once you've got your base, then the real decorating fun can begin. We started off by screwing up strips of crepe paper and gluing these to the card. My toddler found this lots of fun as the crepe is a great texture to scrunch up.

  • Lots of gluing fun

  • Keep adding on decorations until you are happy with the final look.

  • Keep adding the bling till you're happy

    Almost finished

  • Once you're happy with your decorated wreath, take 1-2 pipe cleaners and bend into an arch, and secure to the back of the wreath. This will create a robust 'hanger' to allow you to place the wreath on a door knob. If you wish to hang on a hook or a door, pretty Christmas ribbon would also work well.

  • Pipe cleaners make a perfect hanger for your wreath

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